Disney Food Coma

Besides the great customer service, the innovative rides and the many memories made we ate our way through Disney! There were so many delectable treats to enjoy!

When we arrived in Disney we headed straight to Disney Springs, as you may already know, and enjoyed an incredible meal at The Boathouse. I chose it because it was the one of the highest rated restaurants in all of Disney World, and boy were the ratings right! From the mouth watering rolls that were warm and buttery, to the entrees, everything we ate was amazing. Little tip, we went at lunch because it’s a pricier restaurant and the dinner prices were a little more than we wanted to spend. That’s a little trick we often use when we want to go to fancier restaurants while traveling, because we are foodies and enjoy gourmet food but we are typically balling on a budget.

Besides the incredible food The Boathouse was decorated lavishly with boats as booths and all sorts of nautical and boat parts. My husband and I are boatsmen so we enjoyed that aspect as well.

After that meal we mainly snacked the rest of our time at Disney, and there were a few that were so good we are still talking about them!

So the the most memorable thing we had while at Disney World was with a decadent Chocolate Chiller from The Ganachery! This house-made delicacy is a beverage made with caramel, dark and milk chocolate topped with whipped cream and crispy pearls. It was so delicious my husband wished had come in a larger size

At the Ganachey we also has the S’more. The graham crackers are super soft. They are not your average graham crackers, they are easy to bite into, and are super yummy. The marshmallows are extra thick, and because it’s torched to order, the hot marshmallow easily melts the rich chocolate. Also there is a thin layer of salted Carmel Ganache on top of the hot marshmallow, which helps all the pieces come together in perfectly tasty harmony.

And last but certainly not least is the dole whip, which my husband and I had several times when we were in the Magic Kingdom. Dole Whip is pineapple soft serve amazingness. You can order it as a pineapple float, which has the soft serve plus pineapple juice or just the soft serve in a cup. You can also order it as all pineapple or pineapple and vanilla, for both the float and regular dole whip.

It’s such a simple and delicious treat that is so refreshing. The first time my husband ordered the half and half soft serve, and I ordered the all pineapple float, and we shared them both. My husband said he wish he had ordered the the all pineapple Dole Whip, and I loved mine. The next time he ordered the all pineapple soft serve and I ordered the same one, and our final votes were the pineapple float for me and the OG all pineapple Dole Whip for him. Be warned you will crave it at random times once you’ve tried it!


How To Make Your Husband Fall In Love with Disney World

My husband is not the kind of guy that gets jazzed up very easily. We are different in that respect. I have a child like wonder, I’m just a big kid at heart.

There is one thing that exhilarates him though, virtual reality. Which is why when I was at Disney with my family and I got to experience Flight of Passage I just knew I had bring my husband back to ride it.

So you have to have a little bit of background on Pandora Flight of Passage to understand how I determined it was worthy of getting my husband to Disney World. Flight of Passage is a cutting edge VR ride at Animal Kingdom that allows you to feel what it’s like to ride on the back of a Banshee. It truly blew me away, between feeling like your truly flying and experiencing the incredibly beautiful ecosystem from the movie Avatar, it was mind blowing good!

Since it opened about a year ago it has maintained waits times of 2-3 hours, so it’s definitely one you are gonna wanna grab a fast pass for as soon as you are able to book your fast passes. Both times I went I couldn’t get one until I was on property then a spot finally opened up, I just never gave up! Important to notate is you can only book a fast pass for one of the rides in Pandora, so if you can’t get one for Flight of Passage at first I would suggest not booking one Na’Vi River Journey and keep trying to get one for FOP.

So I used it as my golden ticket to get my husband to agree to a trip to Disney World. He was surprisingly easy to convince so I decided to plan the most magical Disney vacation ever. I went to work researching if there were any other amazing VR rides. That’s when I learned about the VOID, a full sensory immersive VR experience. Located in the Disney Springs shopping area.

They suit you up in helmet and body gear and a plastic gun. You are then put in a room and it begins. Inside your helmet you are transported to a galaxy far far away. Unlike most VRs where you are in one place in this you are walking around and you sit down and shot at stuff. It’s pretty insane that you do all that but you are in another world, and aren’t able to see yourself sitting down. You fight off the bad guys, sorry I’m not a Star Wars girl, and you actually feel the shots through vibrations in the gear.

It was awesome, I can’t really even put it into words. Let’s just say it was the perfect activity for the day we flew into Disney World to guarantee my husband was hooked on Disney as much I was. Disney Magic initiated, done and done!!

Disney Magic Is Real

The second the plane landed in Orlando the Disney World Magic began. We had tagged our checked bags with the Disney provided Magical Express tags, which meant we didn’t have to go to baggage claim. So we proceeded straight to the Disney bus area to find our Magical Express bus that would take us to Disney’s Coronado Springs resort.

It was so easy and stress free, as soon as we got to the bus area we checked in and put our Magic band up to the scanner and were directed to our bus.

The Magic Express buses are pretty cute, and you can already feel the Disney effect happen as you board them. You sit back and watch Disney trivia on the tv as a wonderful cast member whisks you away to your Disney resort. And best of all it’s FREE!



While we were on the bus I went on the Disney World app and checked into our hotel. It was a very quick and easy process. By checking in on the app I didn’t have to go to the front desk when we arrived, and they would send me a text when our room was ready. We arrived in Orlando 4 hours before the check in time so I was hoping they would have our room ready early.  We didn’t have to worry about the bags when we got there because they just magically arrive in your room within a couple hours of your arrival.

When we got there we were glad we didn’t have to go to the front desk to check in because the line was fairly long. We went through the lobby and out the back of the hotel to check it out a bit.  Within a couple of minutes we decided we were thirsty so we went to the cafe to get a drink. We decided to go with the all you can drink cups because my husband I can consume upwards of 10 cups of coffee each daily. When we went to scan our bands it said we didn’t have privileges even though I had added the pins on the app on the bus. The wonderful cast member, whose name I wish I had remembered, told us to go ahead and get our drinks and she would walk us up to the front for someone to help us. We were truly grateful as we had flown out very early and needed the coffee badly. She took us straight to someone at the front desk who was able to straighten it out and also get us a room right then. All of which took only a matter of minutes. We were blown away by the service and helpfulness at everyone there. The woman from the cafe left us there on the honor system that we would come back to pay for our cups.

We went and payed for the cups and then headed to our room. We were pleasantly surprised, well I’ll be honest I’m 34 year old women you unashamedly loves towel animals so it was more like ecstatic, to find a Mickey head shaped towel animal along with some collectors pins waiting for us on the bed.


We dropped off our carryons and decided to take the free buses the resort offers to Disney Springs. I was excited to go to Disney Springs so I could take my husband to The Void, a Star Wars VR experience.

Once again the Magic was in full effect as we were whisked away on the free bus and dropped off at Disney Springs, a shopping area in Disney World that holds many specialty stores and restaurants, along with attractions you would only find at an outdoor Disney mall. Such as Areophile, the worlds largest tethered helium balloon. Its a hot air ballon that ascends 400 feet in the air and allows you to see views up to 10 miles in every direction.


Going in a hot air balloon has always been on my bucket list and I had planned on riding it, as this was the budget friendly option that hovers in one place. Unfortunately the weather report included lightening so they closed it for the day and I wasn’t able to try it, although just watching them bring it down from in the air was pretty cool.

Our day at Disney Springs included an incredible lunch at the Boathouse, one the top rated restaurants in all of Disney World, and of course our VR adventure at The Void. Both of which were so awesome you will have to stay tuned for a post dedicated just to them…

The Disney Effect

The sun rises as the plane takes off from Kansas City to take us to The Happiest Place On Earth. You guessed it we are headed to Disney World to begin what promises to be one of our most epic Anniversary trips ever.

Each year at the beginning of June we take a two week vacation to celebrate our June 5th wedding anniversary. We are blessed to be able to stay in my dads winter home in Clearwater Beach to save more money for excellent side adventures we work in each year.

This year we begin our trip with a 3 day stay in Disney World, we will then head to Clearwater for a week, topping it all off with a bucket list stay in Cuba for 5 nights. So to say I’m excited would be a huge understatement

And it appears the travel odds are ever in our favor, as we secured the exit row with the only empty seat between us, on a completely full flight, with a C1 boarding pass!


And so the Magic has begun before we even step foot in our Disney resort. We will be staying at the Disney Coronado resort, which I chose because out of the options, that did not seem completely catered to children, it was offering the best deal. Also my husband loves Chitzinecha, and they have a pool themed around the famous monument.

My child like love for Disney was refueled back in April when I went with my family sans my husband to Disney World. My love of theme parks and wonderment for all things Disney came back with a fervor.


One shining moment of Disney Magic during that trip became the catalyst of my return back to Disney World so soon. That moment happened the second I stepped off the Avatar Flight of Passage VR ride at Animal Kingdom. In complete awe of its Virtual Reality perfection I knew instantly that I had to bring my husband to Disney to experience Flight of Passage, as he is a VR fanatic!

And so here we are, two night owls that rarely see a sunrise, headed to Orlando to start our vacation in a place where fantasy and reality dance together in perfect harmony.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! As I seek sunsets and serenity through my travels…

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